A Wine Tour on Mount Etna

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The wine tour on Mount Etna tour gives you an opportunity to experience the unique flavor of Etna’s local grapes. You’ll be accompanied by a professional sommelier, who will explain the secrets of the wine-making process, from grape harvesting to bottling and aging. You’ll also visit a variety of wineries, which offer tranquil moments in the midst of nature.

You’ll Enjoy The Full Of Your Trip

You can visit the top of Mount Etna by renting a jeep, cable car or jeep. You can also rent a car and drive up the mountain yourself. The cable car usually starts at 9 AM, although it is also possible to start 15 minutes earlier. That way, you’ll avoid crowds, and enjoy a less crowded journey. If you’re traveling by yourself, you may want to take a tour during the morning, when the mountain is not as crowded.

If you’d like to hike to the top of the volcano and witness an eruption, you can opt for the full day tour. You’ll see the side craters, endemic vegetation, active faults, and lava rivers as well. The tour also ends at a natural balcony called Valle del Bove. It’s a truly breathtaking experience. If you’ve never seen a volcanic volcano like Etna, this is your chance to take a tour and experience it yourself.

Travelling from Catania to Etna is easy if you take a public bus or a private vehicle. Public transportation services are also available. Buses from Catania and Taormina to Etna leave at 4:30 PM. It’s a two-hour journey from Catania to Etna, including one half-hour break. There is no need to rent a car when you’re in Catania.

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