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Aren Bahia is a entrepreneur, keynote speaker and yogi whose life was completely turned around after escaping the life of crime in Vancouver. He’s now an expat entrepreneur and a philanthropist who lives in Bali where he founded 4 businesses in 4 years and raises tens of thousands of dollars for underprivileged and mentally disabled Balinese children.

Aren is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and personal development coach who connects people to their true self so they can find their purpose in life. He lived a full spectrum life from organized crime in Vancouver to spiritual development in Asia and has used his experiences to teach others to create a fulfilling and abundant lifestyle on their own terms.

Yoga, Meditation and the Power of Commitment

The moment Bahia stepped onto a yoga mat in Ubud in 2015, he knew he had arrived at his spiritual calling. After trading Hennessy shots for wheatgrass, Bahia embraced meditation and yoga in order to escape his past and find his new purpose.

Innovative Problem-Solving: Techniques from a Leadership Coach

He is now a dedicated yogi and expat entrepreneur who runs Karma House Bali, Conscious Arts Tattoos, and Full Reset Coaching. He teaches meditation, yoga, and self-love on an ever-growing platform to help people find their inner zen, build their confidence and transform their lives.

Full Reset Blueprint (Courses & Workshops)

Aren’s signature program, ‘Full Reset’ is a step-by-step guided course working either 1-on-1 or in groups to help you start off fresh, build your personal brand and create abundance. It includes assessments, homework and concrete strategies for you to develop a life and career filled with meaningful relationships and purpose.

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