Cannabis Processing Licences

cannabis processing licence

PBG BioPharma Inc. has received a cannabis processing licence under the Cannabis Act, which gives it permission to begin commercial-scale hemp and cannabis manufacturing operations. PBG is the first Canadian company to obtain a Standard Processing Licence. It has received more than 70 patents globally and owns twelve U.S. patents. Its patents include proprietary closed-loop automated extraction technology. In addition, it has obtained a Health Canada Research Licence and is developing a sensory evaluation technology for the plant.

Ensure Compliance With The Act

Adastra Labs Holdings Ltd. holds a Standard Processing licence. The licence allows Adastra to conduct analytical testing and produce cannabis extract products on the same site. The company operates a recently renovated GMP-compliant facility and shares the facility with its subsidiary Chemia Analytics Inc. This is a key advantage for cannabis extraction businesses. Adastra Labs is able to process up to 10,000 grams of dried cannabis per hour.

The Minister may impose conditions on the holder of a licence, including the requirement to maintain the reference standard. Depending on the purpose of the research, the reference standard can contain pesticides or contaminants. Those regulations require the holder of a cannabis processing licence to maintain the reference standard for two years after the research has ended. The compliance costs of this regulatory regime can be significant for a licensed processor. It is imperative for cannabis processors to ensure compliance with the Act.

Applicants should be aware of the restrictions that may prevent them from selling their products to the public. The Ministry of Health has issued an email containing the requirements of a cannabis processing licence. The licence holders who submitted applications for a sales amendment are also eligible for a cannabis processing licence. In case of a serious adverse reaction, the licence holders must submit a comprehensive report describing the circumstances surrounding the incident, the intended use of the cannabis, and any necessary action.

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