Dumpling and Beer Festival

dumpling and beer

The San Gabriel Valley has been host to a variety of events, including a big dumpling and beer show, for many years. Now, this year, the food is going to be just a bit different than it has been in past years, with more Asian inspired dishes coming out of the kitchen. At the Dumpling and Beer Festival, the San Gabriel Valley will get an Asian twist on the traditional German Oktoberfest celebration. There will be a beer tent, where you can try the beer from many different breweries around Los Angeles, including New Belgium, Stone Brewing, and Victory Brewing. There will also be a restaurant booth for the food trucks to go head and take their food across town to fans who have come to enjoy the experience of eating some good food while drinking some beer.

San Gabriel Dumpling and Beer Fest

The Dumpling and Beer Festival will take place at the Hyatt Regency San Garbanzo on Thursday, September 8th and Friday, September 9th. The first event is a little different in that there will only be a beer tent for the food trucks. Food is also served at the restaurant table, which should make the festival a lot more fun for everyone. You can eat in as many of the restaurants as you like at the Hyatt, but you will probably want to eat outside on a patio or deck.

The Hyatt has already announced that there will be live music throughout the day at the Hyatt Regency San Garbanzo, but it is still not clear what songs they will play. There will also be some great food for people to sample, including some steaks from Kona, sushi, Chinese dumplings, and hamburgers. If you are unfamiliar with these types of dishes, you may want to try one or two. If you find yourself having a bad time, don’t be afraid to ask the chef for some help. They are happy to help you choose something to eat that you will really enjoy. You may even get a free tasting of the dishes as part of the experience.

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