How to Print Large Photos

print large photos

Thanks to point-and-shoot cameras, lower-priced DSLRs, and cell phones, people take more pictures than ever. But they don’t always get printed. Printing large photos seems complicated, and prints often turn out subpar. Fortunately, we’re here to help you print your favorite images large for the home and office. Printing your photographs gives you a physical reminder of those special moments that live on in memory but might not make it to the photo album or onto the wall. Prints also serve as backups, protecting you against data corruption and hardware failure.

The best way to ensure the highest-quality prints is to use a high-resolution image. This means that the file size is large enough for printing at industry standards such as 300 pixels per inch. If your image’s resolution is too low, a professional commercial printer, like ArtisanHD, can prep the image to build up the resolution.

Go Big or Go Home: The Impact of Printing Large Photos

A high-resolution photo can also look sharper and more polished, especially when blown up for large-format prints. Printing on glossy paper can produce a glossy, crisp look that looks great up close but can create glare and reflection from light that’s not directly coming from the source of the light. Using a matte finish helps to reduce these effects, as can changing the paper type or adding a matt layer.

To create a more visually appealing display, some prints can be printed in diptych or triptych layouts. These layouts are divided into two (diptych) or three (triptych) panels that are positioned next to each other but not physically connected. This allows you to see the full image from both sides, creating a more dynamic presentation of the artwork.

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