Protect Your Bike With a Motorcycle Lock

motorcycle lock

One way to protect your bike is by purchasing a motorcycle lock. You’ll need a heavy-duty chain, a lock, and an anchor point to secure your bike to something immovable, like a tree or building. You can also wrap the chain around parts of the bike, such as the wheel, to prevent thieves from lifting the wheel and riding off. If a thief doesn’t have the time to pick up the bike, a motorcycle lock is a great option.

Great Way To Protect Your Bike

Grip locks are another great way to protect your bike. These types of locks engage the front and rear brake levers and lock them solidly. You can easily remove them with a hacksaw, so they aren’t a good option if you live in an area where theft is common. However, grip locks aren’t ideal for high-risk areas, and they can cause excessive wear on your brake system and rubber lines. If you’re unsure, consider buying a disc lock.

The lock itself is solid and sturdy. A vinyl coating protects the case-hardened steel and anchor, making it easy to install. This lock measures 6.25 inches in width and is adjustable from 8.5 to 11.5 inches. There’s a larger version for larger bikes and wheels, but it’s bulky to carry around. You’ll need four keys to unlock it. These keys can be found in the lock’s packaging. In addition, there’s a key to open it.

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