Single Glazed Partitions

single glazed partitions

A single glazed partition is a modern glass solution designed to create private rooms without impeding the natural flow of light within your commercial space. Simple and cost effective, these partitions are the ideal choice for office environments where privacy and sound reduction is important.

Glass wall partitions are very simple to install and can be re-configured to suit changing office layouts. They also provide a sense of transparency, maintaining an open-plan feel throughout your workspace, and allow natural light to flow through the entire room. Unlike solid walls, glass can be easily cleaned and does not need painting or wallpapering to maintain its appearance. Mor info

The Art of Transparency: A Guide to Glazed Partitioning

The main advantage of frameless glazed partitions is that they can be created in line with existing building fixtures, allowing you to divide your space without disrupting your workplace or altering the design. They are also relatively easy to clean, and can be customised with manifestations, logos or other decorative designs to increase privacy and branding.

When choosing a glass partitioning system, it is essential to understand how the acoustic performance of your partition will be affected. Various factors influence the acoustic performance of a partition, such as the thickness and type of glass used, and the glazing track width and shape.

A number of different acoustic ratings can be achieved by using varying combinations of these variables. Additionally, acoustic performance can be improved further by using thicker glass, incorporating an acoustic interlayer or installing the partition with a wider base track.

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