The Best Nootropics For Mental Performance

best nootropics

A good nootropics supplement can help you focus, improve memory and reduce anxiety. But which supplements are the best? There are many products out there, but the ones that work for you will depend on your goals and what is available in your local area. The best nootropics will be well-researched and proven effective. They should also be safe. This is more important than cost or convenience, since your brain is a delicate organ and some ingredients have no history of safety research at all.

The leading nootropic  for mental performance will include ingredients like acetylcholine (an important neurotransmitter that influences cognition, emotion and memory), Rhodiola Rosea (a natural anti-stress ingredient), Citicoline (another crucial nootropic) and bacopa monnieri (which has a reputation for enhancing memory). They should also be free of caffeine, which is known to cause cognitive side effects in some people.

Nootropics and Productivity: How to Maximize Your Focus and Efficiency

Several companies in this guide take pains to test their nootropics, and they use only ingredients that are Generally Recognized As Safe by the FDA or have been extensively studied. This is important, because nootropics can be quite potent. Thesis, in particular, uses a relatively short list of ingredients and only includes those that have been thoroughly tested by third parties.

Most nootropics come in the form of capsules, although there are a few brands that offer liquid formulas. TruBrain, for example, offers six nootropic blends in liquid pouches that look and feel like squeezable applesauce. This is a great option for those who cannot swallow pills, and the company offers a subscription service so you can get your nootropics delivered to your door regularly.

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