Things to Do in Salina, Kansas

Among the many beautiful things to do in Kansas, perhaps the most popular attractions to draw people are Salina (pronounced say-eye-sah) Ks. salina ks is located on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, near its confluence with the Arkansas River. Salina is also a town in and surrounding area of Saline County, Kansas, United States; as of the 2010 census, this town population was 47,704. Home to several Historically Significant Landmark Schools, Salina is also home to numerous cultural venues. The town has seen growth and development over the years.

What is the first things to do in Salina?

One of the first things to do in Salina, Kansas, is to visit the Salina Historical Society Building. Built in 1931 by E. Llwyd Ecclestone, this historical landmark building houses a number of interesting facts about the town’s early history. Other things to do in Salina include visiting the salina fields, shopping for handmade pottery and antique jewellery, and taking part in free evening entertainment at the Silver Dollar Bandstand, which features live entertainment every night. Also on the agenda are things to do in the surrounding area. Visitors can drive a short distance to the Salina Historical Society, where they can visit the birthplace of President William Henry Jackson, explore the ruins of former cities of Salina, and take part in a free afternoon tour of Midway Plaza, home to the only free museum in the Western Hemisphere.

Other things to do in Salina, Kansas include enjoying the various water activities that are available to visitors. One particular activity that residents of this town find most enjoyable is kayaking or tubing. Kayakers and tubing enthusiasts will be intrigued by all the unique natural formations in and around Salina. Water activities are also very popular among tourists, many of whom enjoy nothing more than an evening of water sports on one of the many islands surrounding the small town. One such island, St. Peter Island, hosts a Regatta, with hundreds of kayaks and other watercraft representing all manner of nations and states competing for the ultimate prize – the fastest round trip – across the Pacific.

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