Traffic Ticket Lawyer NYC Can Help You Avoid Suspension and Revocation of Your Driver’s License

Traffic ticket lawyer nyc

When the state sends you a speeding ticket or some other Traffic ticket lawyer nyc violation, it can feel like an impossible task to fight it. After all, the fines are big and the points can add up quickly, leading to massive increases in your insurance rates. In addition, conviction of some offenses can result in the revocation or suspension of your driver’s license. But you don’t have to accept these consequences if you hire an experienced traffic ticket lawyer nyc.

In most cases, you can resolve a non-criminal traffic infraction by pleading guilty or not guilty and paying the fine by mail. However, you may be required to appear in court if you’re charged with certain serious violations such as driving while impaired or driving under the influence (DUI). In some cases, the state will also suspend your driver’s license if you fail to respond or plead not guilty to a traffic ticket within an 18-month period.

NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer: Why You Need Professional Help

In most areas, including the five boroughs of New York City, your traffic case will be heard by a DMV Traffic Violations Judge in one of the five traffic violation bureaus located throughout the state. In the counties outside of New York City, your case will be heard in a town or village court. Regardless of where your case is heard, an experienced traffic ticket attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome. An attorney will have a better chance of challenging the evidence and arguing against a conviction, and they can also help you avoid costly penalties.

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