TYMETAL’s Cantilever Sliding Gate

The choice of which type of gate to install on your property comes down to a variety of factors. The material your driveway is made of plays a huge role, as does your budget and other personal preferences.

TYMETAL’s cantilever sliding gate offers a variety of benefits such as smooth and quiet operation and the ability to span sloping terrain without requiring a ground track. These gates are built larger than the gate opening they are designed to close, often as much as 50% larger. This extra length is called the counter balance and helps to offset the weight of the gate. The gate is suspended from mounting posts that are installed on one side of the gate and cantilevers out into the opening to close. Because they do not make contact with the ground directly or utilize a wheel that rolls on the ground, cantilever gates are known for less maintenance and longer lifespans than traditional slide gate types.

Unlocking the Benefits of Cantilever Sliding Gates: Efficiency and Security Combined

Cantilever gate frames are typically constructed of aluminum to help withstand the forces of wind, sag, and gravity. Depending on the size of your cantilever gate and infill type, the frame may also be constructed from steel tube or stainless steel if required for high-security applications.

As with all commercial and industrial gates, cantilever gates should be installed on a level surface. This is both for current standards and codes, as well as practical safety. Review the elevations of your site and the distance from the gate nose in the closed position to the tail section in the fully open position. It is advisable to set the gate two inches above the highest benchmark elevation.

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