What Is Paddle Court?

Paddle Court is a new type of surface designed specifically for basketball. It was designed by Billiard and Sports Consultant, John Rice. The primary goal of the design was to produce a surface that is faster, smoother and easier to play on, and will be safer for players. The result is that paddle court players can increase their game time by as much as 50% with less fatigue. Click here – padelcanchas.com/

What’s New About Paddle Court

Most shots on a paddle court are done on the bottom, either using a “tap” shot or a stroke from the hip. The advantage of this is that your entire body weight transfers to your hips, helping you transfer all power from your legs into your hips and then your arms, resulting in quick shots. It is also possible to use a “swing” shot, which helps to create a full spin on the ball, and requires less arm strength than strokes using a tap shot. Most shots end up at the top of the cup, with the winner usually being one who can send the ball the furthest to the basket.

Unlike most other court surfaces, paddle court allows players to take a high degree of swings and shots, resulting in many missed shots. This is because the paddle does not have a true backboard, so a paddle shot can create lift, helping to create more bounce in the ball. Players using a paddle court often need to use a lot of energy to get their shots to land in the hoop, and as a result, play a much more aggressive style of game. They love to take shots off the bounce, high arch shots, and shots from the top of the key.

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