Where to Buy Microdosing Products

where to buy microdosing

where to buy microdosing movement is embracing microdosing, in which people take small amounts of psychedelic drugs (often around one-tenth of a recreational dose) to experience therapeutic effects. The goal is to improve mental health without the hallucinations and altered state of consciousness that typically characterize psychedelic drug use.

But the e-shops that sell these drugs aren’t doing scientific research. Rather, they’re trying to get their products on the first page of Google search results for “microdosing,” thus increasing sales month over month. This is a big reason why there’s no consensus on how large a dose of these drugs actually is – and even what effects it causes.

Exploring Options: Where to Buy Microdosing Supplies and Substances Safely

Some of these e-shops sell spore prints that can be grown at home to grow psychoactive mushrooms containing the chemical psilocybin, which is used in microdosing. Others sell mushrooms already grown and pressed into pill form. Still others sell a mixture of pills, tinctures and syringes containing psilocybin or a related compound, psilocin.

Many who buy these products report positive effects, including elevating moods, boosting energy and focus, and helping them to overcome insecurities, addictions, depression and anxiety. But because they don’t use controlled dosages, it’s difficult to know whether these positive effects are due to the drugs themselves or to placebo effects induced by their expectations and beliefs about what these drugs might do for them. Many of these people have prior positive experiences with larger doses of psychedelic drugs, which might also contribute to their placebo response.

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