Wiza Email Verifier Review


Wiza email verifier is a tool that helps users validate and find valid email addresses. With the help of the tool, marketers can save time and resources and improve their overall campaign performance. In addition, the tool ensures that they send emails to the correct recipients, thereby reducing bounce rates and ensuring that emails reach their intended audience. The tool offers a free trial that includes 20 credits and no credit card information is required to get started.

The vendor claims that the solution makes it easy to generate a large number of leads in a short period of time. It also claims that the platform is easy to integrate with Salesforce, Copper, Salesloft, Hubspot, and other CRM and marketing tools. The tool can be used to verify email addresses on a regular basis or at the point of entry into a system, saving time and preventing invalid contacts from entering databases.

Wiza Email Verifier: A Comprehensive Review

Using the software, users can identify inactive, dead, or risky email addresses. It can also be used to improve email deliverability and reduce bounce rates by eliminating spam and other undesirable addresses from lists. It can also help reduce phishing attacks by identifying fake or compromised email addresses.

According to the vendor, the tool has a high data accuracy rate, delivering 97% on average. Moreover, it supports multiple language support and can verify a large number of addresses in real time. Users can also leverage the Wiza Chrome extension to extract email and phone numbers from LinkedIn profiles. They can then export this data to create prospect lists for effective cold outreach or recruiting. The solution can also be used to enrich prospects with various company data points such as industry, headcount, funding, and location.

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